This is the day the LORD has made, rejoice, and be glad!

Give God 90 comes from a conversation that took place several years ago. I mentioned that if people would just live the way their Creator designed them to live for 90 days they would realize how much their lives would improve. That is how Give God 90 began and from that innocent comment grew a ministry that reaches around the world. The entire reason Give God 90 continues is to help people improve their life simply by learning to live the way they are created to live - pleasing their Creator. 

Thank you for looking through Give God 90. There were around four thousand followers on Facebook who enjoyed reading the daily messages that were available on that social media platform. Until 2021 we would use facebook live to stream our podcast on Thursday night. Facebook chose to censor the livestream but continued to allow the daily posts until 2023 when they told me I could not post my own copyrighted material. I made the decision to abandon the Facebook platform for the more user friendly and more freedom of MeWe and The Torah Network. Those platforms are growing and I encourage you to go to either (or both) and see if one may be a good fit for you.
I post a short message on MeWe and The Torah Network almost daily which many find informative and inspiring. Thank you again for your time and consideration. Type your paragraph here.